Thanksgiving Banquet @ NYU

This year there is much to be thankful for! Here at A New Creation Bakery, we’re thankful for a working oven, a space in The Love Kitchen to operate, and, most of all, the many people we have met along the way that makes it all worth it. In short, we’re thankful for YOU! This Monday at the Thanksgiving Banquet hosted by NYU’s Christian Inter-Fellowship Council, we had a chance to meet some of you as well as provide a wide variety of our baked goods for the event. It was truly a privilege to bake for so many at an event aimed towards raising awareness about poverty, hunger, and homelessness in New York City. Despite having made 300+ items, there was actually a shortage after the first round of food! We were amazed at how successful the event turned out, and doubly appreciative for having been a small part of it.

Personally, the biggest blessing for me was hearing the testimonies of George and Luis, two gentlemen who, through the grace of God, arrived at the Bowery Mission and were forever changed. Their stories show the kind of radical change that the Bowery Mission, The Love Kitchen, and A New Creation Bakery strive to make in our city. It fuels my passion to continue serving the community that needs us most, and gives hope to our mission. It’s a good reminder that what we do is not for our own achievements or goals, nor for some change in statistics, but to make a difference for real people facing real challenges.

At the end of this night, I could not be more encouraged to see so many people stand up when called to “put faith into action” and get involved with some of these organizations. Let’s keep fanning the flame of passion for social justice and never settle for less. As for A New Creation Bakery, we shall continue to hold true to our motto: Changing lives one bite at a time.

God bless,
Colin Quek

  • posted 20 November, 2011

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