Weekly Update

Hi Friends!

The last few months have been amazing for us at A New Creation Bakery. I know we have been pretty quiet, but that is only because we have been extremely busy working on different initiatives which we will roll out in the coming weeks. We are really excited about them, and we hope you will support us by participating in some of the initiatives.

Before I update everyone about our progress, I wanted to take some time to talk about the values of A New Creation Bakery. Our values can be summarized in three words: People, Community and Transparency.
1) People: We may be selling cupcakes and sandwiches, but we are really in the business of people. That means our customers, trainees, employees, suppliers, volunteers, funders and everyone else who comes into contact with the bakery are integral to our operation.
2) Community: We are all about being part of the community of Washington Heights and Inwood. We aim to be agents of transformation in the community, alleviating poverty and unemployment.
3) Transparency: Even though many companies seek to keep things hidden and secretive, we believe in complete honesty and transparency. That means we will be transparent about our operations, our financial situation, our problems and our victories. Why? Because we want to forge genuine relationships with people, not just “customers.” And in order to do that, we need to allow ourselves to open up and take the risk of exposing ourselves to vulnerability. This is about building trust.

Alright! Back to the update! As most of you know, we ran a fundraising campaign on IndieGoGo.com and because of the generosity and support of many people around the country and the world, we were successful in raising the five grand we set as our goal. And that five grand has brought us a long way. We purchased a commercial oven, two KitchenAid mixers, and a whole bunch of packaging and marketing supplies. Even though we bought the oven some time ago, it took us more than a month to set it up because we hit some obstacles. First, we didn’t realize that the kitchen did not have the electrical capacity to sustain the oven. That meant we had to put more money into installing the oven. Also, we ran into some trouble getting approval for the placement of the oven in the kitchen as there is limited space in the kithchen which is shared among the Love Kitchen, the Manhattan Bible Church, the Manhanttan ChristianAcademy and now, us at A New Creation Bakery. However, that is over and we now have a fully operational commercial convection oven in the kitchen, churning out quality baked products consistently.

This also means we will be delivering and sending out those perks you have been waiting for in the next few days. To those who donated $25 or more and live outside New York City, expect a package of a dozen cookies. This, unfortunately, does not apply to those who live outside of the US. For those living in New York City, your delivery will take place next Monday and Tuesday. You will be receiving an email regarding your perk fulfillment, or you can go ahead and schedule your delivery by filling a form at this link.

We also built a new team who will be pushing this bakery forward. As Jon Kwan takes a break in Napa Valley, CA, to better equip himself inthe Culinary Institute of America, we have brought in five extremely talented and passionate people, namely Colin, Jennifer, Titi, Anna and another Jon. Over the next few weeks, they will share more about themselves on our website as well as this newsletter.

One of the biggest changes we made recently is the introduction of sandwiches into our menu. We realized our initial business model of delivering baked products had a fundamental problem - people buy baked products individually and in stores, often impulsively. We were just not seeing the orders coming in for our delicious cupcakes. So we asked our customers what they wanted. We targeted higher education institutions and the many student-led organizations on campus, as well as other nonprofits and churches. They asked for savoury products that they can order for lunch or dinner. We heard them, and decided to introduce sandwich platters into our menu. Each platter consists of three unique, delicious sandwiches and freshly baked cookies to go with them. Since then, we have made a few deliveries of different sandwiches that our chef, Colin, has creatively put together. And we have heard good reviews about them, especially for our chicken salad on ciabatta and grilled eggplant on multigrain.

Looking forward, Halloween is around the corner and we are excited to offer “Harry Potter”-inspired Cauldron Cupcakes! They are extremely adorable, and will be great for parties. Also, the cupcake of the month is pumpkin cupcakes with maple cream cheese frosting. This cupcake is so good, we at the bakery just can’t get enough of it. So if you are planning a halloween party, you know where to get some tasty pastries to make your party a hit among your guests. These cauldron cupcakes will be offered from October 24th onwards. We will post pictures of them on our website soon.

That is all we have for you this week. While you wait for the next issue of our weekly newsletter, you can always stay updated with us in real time through our facebook page as well as our twitter account. Something is always happening at the bakery so be sure to follow us. Stay warm and stay healthy!

God bless!
From Derrick and the ANC Team

  • posted 21 October, 2011

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